The Southeast Community Plaza is a health and local economic development initiative and currently consists of a health center and grocery store. Proceeds from the plaza will fund some of the future hope, dreams, and development of the Southeast Community. This is a survey for the next development in the Southeast Community Plaza. A 1,600 sq. ft. space in the plaza. We want to make sure the next thing that is placed here will be something that is addressing the general health needs but also something wanted, needed, and that stimulates the economic growth of the southeast community and it’s overall development .

We want to hear your feedback so we can make sure that the development stays in line with what the greater community needs and wants are. These five questions will help the Southeast Community Plaza Advisory Board in determining what the development will be.


Take the SE Neighborhood Survey 

You could also let one of the following people know on our advisory team:

Christ Smith – Ward 4 Councilwoman

Danselle Williams – Southeast Neighborhood Association

Pastor Eric Howard- Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Serena Hendershot- Canton City Health Department

Wedley Charles – Early Childhood Resource Center

As always, you can contact me at our office (330)455-0153 or email. – Don Ackerman, Executive Director of Canton for All People at

-Gino Haynes, Community Organizer for Canton for All People



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